About Us

Kindred Spirit Investigations


What do we do?

Kindred Spirit Investigations are a paranormal research company that specialise in the organisation of public and private paranormal investigations and events. We are dedicated to researching and evidencing paranormal activity but also offer workshops, equipment demonstration sessions and private residence activity assessments. 

Our professional and knowledgable team investigate the most haunted locations in the UK ranging from abandoned buildings, jails, churches, halls, houses, asylums and many more with the aim to encourage, experience and evidence communication and other paranormal phemomena.

Our staff are highly trained to lead investigations using traditional and scientific techniques, using a diverse range of equipment as seen on the leading paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Lockdown and TAPS. What services do we offer?

Our professional team will lead you through an evening of ghost hunting where YOU are the paranormal investigators! What will you capture with the latest equipment in the paranormal field?


Are you experiencing something that you cannot explain in your home and would like to find out more?  Would you like our team to visit your property to conduct an investigation? Contact our page for more information.


Are you brave enough to sleepover in a haunted location? Our team will lead you through an entire evening of ghost hunting using the latest paranormal devices and techniques. Will you investigate throughout the night trying to catch a ghost? Try to sleep in the spookiest part of the building? Or simply wait for the spirits to wake you?


Parties / Corporate events Taster Workshops Spooky Suppers Psychic Evening

Anything you’d like us to try? Contact the page.…

What Should You Expect From Our Investigations?

Kindred Spirit Investigations only investigate venues that have reports of paranormal activity, either recently or over time. Our role is to try to engage in communication with spirit and this will be encourage using a range of tools and techniques using our own natural senses, traditional techniques and the most up to date equipment.
Throughout our investigations we do work as small groupings (no more than 7 per investigator) as we feel our customers get a better experience also it is what our regulars are requesting. Within this small group, there will be opportunities through the night to work in the group of 7 but also in pairs and also to do a lone vigil should you wish to do so.
Our equipment is available to be used throughout the night and our investigators will show you how to do this. All equipment may be affected by external forces/energy and this will be explained during the night so equipment must be used per instruction in order to attain the most reliable results and evidence. A light buffet and refreshments are served throughout the night but feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks if you would like to. or have specific dietry needs. All our investigators hold a First Aid at Work Certificate and are trained in leading a paranormal investigation.

We taylor our investigations to meet the needs of the individual groups. Want to try something different? Let us know?


ALL venues that we visit have a reputation for being haunted and have had recent paranormal activity.


Groups no larger than 8 per investigator!


We have a range of devices and equipment for you to use, as seen on all the leading paranormal shows, such as Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Adventures and TAPs.

Will an investigation be suitable for me?

Paranormal Investigations are very interesting events and they are suitable for the majority of the general public and we try to make events accessible as much as possible. However some members of the public with additional needs may find some of our investigations unsuitable for their needs.

People with Mobility Problems or Disabilities Many of our invesigations are held in old buildings that can be cold and have uneven floors and footings. Although we value all of our clients and aim to make all our events accessible for all, at times the conditions of some of the buildings and locations that we investigate it is not always safe for people with walking or mobiliy difficulties to access our events. If you would require any further information regarding our events, locations and the suitablity of the venue please email the page or call us on 07500893903 before booking. It is always recommended if you or a  member of your party have mobility difficulties that you contact us before booking an event. Pregnancy Unfortunately heavily pregnant ladies are not allowed on our events due to the nature of the activities that are undertaken and the conditions of some of the venues that we hold the events. It is not advisable to attend an investigation if you are pregnant (at any stage) and doing so will be at your own risk and we will not accept any responsibility for any injury or damage either physically or psychologically whilst attending our investigations against our advice.


Investigation Do’s and Don’ts!

Some of our clients are a little uncertain of what they can and cannot do on an investigation, so we thought that we would help by putting together some practical advice to help you prepare for an investigation.


Wrap up warm with plenty of layers and comfortable shoes (trainers or walking boots are best).

Bring a torch.

Bring your own equipment if you have any (please name your equipment).

Get involved and get to know the group, this encourages spiritual activity.

Tell the group if you hear, see or feel anything. Chances are others are feeling the same and haven’t said anything. This may be spirit communicating with you and not mentioning it may mean you miss the opportunity to communicate!

Join in, have fun, laugh and get to know you group. This raises the energy and helps with spirit communication.

Ask tell an investigator if you want to try something throughout the night – we’ll accommodate as best as we can!


Be disrespectful to others – you will be asked to leave!

Fake activity. If caught you will be asked to leave and banned from future investigations.

Be aggressive to spirit.