Kindred Spirit Investigations


What is an EMF detector?

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency. EMF meters detect electromagnetic energy in the environment. Electromagnetism occurs when electric current changes or moves. A stronger current will give off a higher EMF reading. EMF fields are often present in the atmosphere from natural, electrical and magnetic sources.

EMF’s can be used as an environmental sensor. Investigators take baseline environmental readings using the temperature and electromagnetic function.

If an electromagnetic fluctuation occurs in the environment, the meter reading will change indicating a higher or lower level.

Laser grid pens 

Laser grid pens are hand held devices that smit a high powered laser. The lasers will shine and form a grid onto a surface such as a wall, floor or ceiling. 
Laser grids can be used to detect masses and shadows that pass through the laser, braking the beams of light so that spirits can be detected.


In order to understand how EVP devices work you first need to understand how we hear. Humans can hear within the frequencies from 20Hz to 20.000Hz. Clear sounds are usually between the frequencies of 1,000Hz – 5,000Hz. When using recording devices, sounds that are beyond the frequencies of our capabilities can be recorded on these devices. Electronic Voice Phenomenon are sounds, voices, sentences and words that are recorded on these devices but couldn’t be heard at the time of recording. 

When investigating and trying to communicate with spirit, investigators ask questions and wait for responses. Upon reviewing recordings investigators listen out for responses to questions that have been asked. .

Responses come in many forms such as bangs, taps, words and even sentences! Investigators sometimes receive random responses to questions but are looking largely for intelligent responses that answer questions being asked.

Ovilus 111

The Ovilus is programmed to use readings from the environment and then puts them into words. It has an analogue digital converter which converts the EMF, ELF and the temperature into a number and then the number is assigned to a certain word, for example the Ovilus may produce a word BOY based on the environmental readings it has made.

The Ovilus can be used for spirit communication. It is believed that spirit can manipulate the environment to communicate with the living. 
It has several modes that can be used – question and answer, phonetic, reverse phonetic, drawing and Quesion and answer modes. It also has a temperature measuring feature.

Investigators will use this device by asking questions and waiting for responses from the Ovilus. Random responses are common however several intelligent answers responding directly to questions asked  is more likely to be manipulated by an outside energy.


A temperature gun is a device that when a button is depressed a laser appears. Where the laser is pointed a temperature reading will be taken. This will appear as a digital reading on the screen. 

A temperature gun can be used to detect significant changes and fluctuations in temperature. It can be used to identify cold and hot spots but use common sense when doing so. For example, if used next to a window or in a gap in the door the temperature reading is naturally going to be lower than room temperature and this would not be classed as unexplained.

These guns shoot a laser beam and therefore should be used sensibly.

Do not point the beam at a person particulary near the eyes and face!

The Parabolic Ear

When using our ears, clear sounds are usually heard between the frequencies of 1,000Hz – 5,000Hz, although we are able to hear between the ranges of 20Hz to 20,000Hz. The parabolic ear amplifies the sounds in the room so that you can hear noises that you cannot hear with your ear alone.
Investigators use this device to widen the frequency range that can be heard and use it to idenitfy possible commmunication in many forms such as whispers, bangs, taps and whistles.

Spirit Box

A spirit box is a device that scans quickly across the radio frequencies either forwards or backwards, or in the case of the PSB-11 scanning can be performed forwards and backwards simultaneously on both an FM and AM frequency. Spirits are said to be able to manipulate the white noise in order to communicate though the white noise in words and sentences.

A spirit box can be used to communicate using the white noise. Investigators ask questions and listen for intelligent responses to the questions asked rather than snippets that can be radio stations. 

Swearing, specific answers and the same voice consistently coming through are said to be more reliably paranormal as this is less likely to occur.