Prison Ghost Hunts in the UK | Kindred Spirit Investigations

Kindred Spirit Investigations

At Kindred Spirit ainvestigations, we run an incredible array of Prison Ghost Hunts across the UK. Prisons are some of the most haunted places on earth – and often the unknown history of a prison runs back hundreds of years, where conditions were truly barbaric. Spirits and Ghosts of former inmates, as well as staff are known to frequent prisons, with many visiting old cells and warning others away.
The prison ghost hunts that we run are some of the most intense visits and we deploy age-old techniques as well as modern equipment to make contact with the spirit world. Those attending can look forward to vigils evidencing paranormal activity and other unexplainable phenomena such as apparitions, disembodied voices and EVPs.
These prison trips are run from a number of locations across the UK – and these trips not only allow you to experience some of the most haunted locations across the UK, but also give you some insight into what life is like behind prison walls. Locations include prisons across the North East, Midlands as well as London.
Keep an eye out on the upcoming events section of the website, or get in touch to learn more about events we have planned and what you can expect.