Kindred Spirit Investigations


When you come to one of our investigations / events please leave a review for others to read…

Great investigation at the Manor House last night. Friendly team with lots of great ghost investigating equipment. Will deffo be back to do another one.

Kelly Smith

Went on Yarm Fellowship Hall investigation and had the most brilliant time. Highly recommend the ladies who run it, they were were friendly and welcoming and I am definately going to book again soon.

Rachael Hall

We had a great night investigating The Village with the Kindred Spirit Investigations team. We had loads of activity and it was a perfect investigation for me. Mel, Heather and Jane were fantastic guides and really help you to get stuck in to ‘your’ investigation. They don’t let you feel like youre just tagging along but if you do want to step back and watch that is ok. I wasn’t too confident at first and liked to just watched but they bring you in without making you feel pressured to speak out. We were in Janes’s group and everyone supported each other and we had an amazing conversation with a man named John. I was gutted when our communication ended. I would definately recommend going with these guys. I sure will be joining them again.

Laura Farham Dixon

We loved our first investigation with Kindred Spirit Investigations. They were very friendly, helpful and professional. We got to squeeze in so much into our night at Victoria Tunnels in Newcastle. We cant wait to book another event.

Sonia Welsh

Had a great night at the Voctoria Tunnels. Incorrect time of arrival advertised by ticket company and no fault of Kindred Spirit Investigations but Mel went out of her way to ensure that we all had a good night anyway. I was really impressed with the way that she spome to the spirits with respect as I had been to a company that didn’t and that was upsetting to hear. I would highly recommend Kindred Spirit Investigations to anyone. Thank you for a fantastic evening.

Florence Goodman

Very well organised and a friendly and approachable team. A great opportunity to try out diifferent equipment and a lovely buffet. Thank you what a great night.

Joanne Cain

Derek was brilliant. It was my first time with Kindred Spirit Investigations. Wow what a night. Had personal things come through on the board and had stuff happen to me. Loved every minute of it and will be going again. 

Terry James

Had another fun night with Ashley Marshall with the Kindreds. Heather our guide who was happy to welcome us. Although activity was minimal I felt there was something toying with us and the instruments. As ever we had a great night with scientific instruments and older more traditional methods such as human pendulum and the use of a ouija board. Aside from a couple of negative nellies, the group was fun. Heather, as before was a helpful and informative guide. We look forward to the next month at the Land Sea and Air Museum.

Chris Wilmers

Me and my Dad came for the first time last night and we can definately say it wwont be the last! Amazing team who were very friendly and welcoming. Group was lovely. Had an exciting night shall we say! We will definately be booking up for more investigations with yourselves, thank you.

Cara Pearson

Absolutely fantastic night at Mary Queen of Scotts House. The place was buzzing with paranormal activity. The guys were so professional and showed us all the equipment and how to use it. They let us choose what we wanted to do next and went for it. Started the night sceptical, left the night a believer. Thanks again guys.

Gary Wood

Fantastic night at Lazenby Village Hall. Didn’t know what to expect as it is the first time with this team but I have to say what a fantastic bunch. So many laughs and zero disappointment from the spooks. Few boobs grabbed in panic due to a few scary moments and some swearing from myself. Booked again to go in July. Can’t wait! 

Emma Meek

Had a fantastic night last night with these guys at Vane Tempest Hall. Very friendly, approachable, professional and knowledgable. WOuld highly recommend an investigation with them.

Thank you so much for giving me and my brother a night to remember. 
Looking forward to another investigation with you guys.

Hannah Jepson

Absolutely brilliant night at the battery couldnt have asked for a better team. Very friendly and approachable. Thanks again and we will be back for another one soon. Thank you. 

John and Claire

A very professional ad down to earth team. Their approach to paranormal investigations is very open minded and they take their work seriously. Always felt comfortable and in good hands when working with them. 

Julie Jurgan

Lovely people and very helpful. Was a pleasure to meet you all!

Nicola Pickney

Very Professional team with great enthusiasm and conduct their vigils in a controlled manner, will be using these guys for sure 10/10

Chris Allison 

Fab team very professional and explained everything fully. Hihgly recommend this company, Mel is a very genuine and lovely person.

Kelly KJ

Worked with Mel on a couple of investigations, lovely lady, great investigative skills. wonderful equipment to use and professional thoughout. A joy to work with, Thanks Mel.

Ross Richards