Month: September 2019

Kindred Spirit Investigations

Yarm Fellowship Investigation

Looking forward to investigating Yarm Fellowship tonight. Jane and Mel are tonights investigators. Review to be posted in the next few days.

28th September 2019 0

Lazenby Village Hall Review

👻Lazenby Village Hall Review- 21st September👻 Heathers Group The night started a little slow for activity, the first room we visited was the belfry upon asking if any spirits were there the only reply we got was “jesus” upon further questioning and little response the team decided to try another room. We went down stairs…
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27th September 2019 0

Manor House Hotel

Janes review – The Manor Hotel in Ferryhill. 14.9.19 My group started the night in Rm 8, which had been active earlier before our guests arrived. We heard knocks and bangs and the motion detector, put on floor near door, lit up a couple of times. Some of our guests felt cold spots especially round…
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27th September 2019 0

Jedburgh Jail – Why Investigate?

JEDBURGH JAIL…WHY SHOULD YOU INVESTIGATE? From a distance Jedburgh Jail could be mistaken for a grand castle however inside the walls is an entirely different story! Jedburgh Jail was built in the 1820’s on the site of the Royal Burgh’s medieval castle which was destroyed in 1409. Jedburgh’s Castle Jail is the finest example of…
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27th September 2019 0

Manor House Hotel – Ferryhill

What an amazing night at the Manor House Hotel. VERY VERY active night with a range of evidence! Review to follow in a few days.

17th September 2019 0

Paranormal Workshop

On August 31st Kindred Spirit Investigations held a Paranormal equipment workshop. We focused in five pieces of equipment; K2, PSB-7, PSB-11, SLS Camera and the Mel Meter. Our guests all had prior experience of paranormal investigation but came away learning new things about the equipment that they hadn’t learned in years of investigating. We will…
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1st September 2019 0