Month: October 2019

Kindred Spirit Investigations

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of our customers and viewers. Whether your investigating, sat at home watching spooky programmes, partying or out Trick or Treating be safe and most importantly have fun! Kindred Spirit Investigation Team

31st October 2019 0

Mischief Night

👻 🎃 🎃MISCHIEF NIGHT 🎃 🎃👻Mischief Night is also known around the world as Devil’s Night, Cabbage Night, Devil’s Eve, Goosey Night, Mat night, Moving and Gate Night. The earliest reference to Mischief Night is from 1790 when a headmaster encouraged a school play which ended in “an Ode to Fun which praises children’s tricks…
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30th October 2019 0

Scam Alert

⚠️FRAUD ALERT⚠️Just a reminder as now before every event we do we have fraudsters trying to rip off our customers. We do NOT allow the resale of tickets and we only sell tickets though Eventbrite and our website.ALL bookings go through Kindred Spirit Investigations only. If you need a refund email the page or Eventbrite…
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30th October 2019 0

The Village Review

The Village Review- 19th October 2019 The Village was an unknown venue to Kindred Spirit Investigations and it didn’t disappoint! We began the night as whole group in area one. We asked out and tried to encourage activity but our group were too eager and there was too much noise contamination to deter if we…
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30th October 2019 0

October Newsletter

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16th October 2019 0

Victoria Tunnels Review 12.10.19

👻Victoria Tunnels Review 12.10.19👻 Mel and Heathers Group- keep scrolling and reading. ✴️Mel’s Group 👻👻 Our group worked started by standing still and putting the lights out in the tunnels to see what we could hear naturally. There was no sounds initially but after shouting out for a little bit we began to hear what sounded…
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13th October 2019 0