Kindred Spirit Investigations

5th June 2022 Uncategorised 0


First of all we started off in the dungeon room The cat ball responded once or twice along with the K2, I heard my name being called and a guest heard my name being called at the same time.

We moved on to the chapel where guests heard gravel being walked on from the other side of the room. Using the SLS in the chapel, guests noticed there seemed to be a figure as though it was hanging from the ceiling.

We went up to the Edwards room where on night vision goggles an unexplained ball of light was bouncing around the room and as it was seen behind one of the guests with out her known it was behind her she jumped in the air from her seat as she felt something pull on her . We had great K2 responses in that room and we also had unexplained heavy breathing behind my self and a guest. We had cat ball responses from out side the room and floorboard sounding like footsteps. We had a 10 degree temperature drop that was so significant that we could see our breath. We went down in to the hall where guests had cat balls responding to questions K2s flashing on response.