30 East Drive Review – 24.7.19

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30 East Drive Review – 24.7.19

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Before the event began

Even before the night officially began whilst guests were looking around the property a few strange things happened; whilst opening the windows upstairs to cool the house down one member of the group (four at the time) saw the dolls hair move as though someone had carefully pulled it down.  When we were all talking at the room at the top of the stairs we heard the cupboard door handle move. We tried to recreate this by stepping on different places on the floorboards and we could not. We then went down the stairs and sat on the living room. I was writing out the opening prayer and I could feel a burning sensation on the palm of my hand but this did not go red and no visible marks could be seen. One of the guests saw the curtains move behind me and Jane’s face started to feel a prickly sensation. We also heard a few unexplained bangs from upstairs.

Opening of the night

When all the guests arrived we started the night in the living room to see what sounds we could hear. We played monks chanting in order to create an atmosphere in the building. Guest in the room were experiencing suddenly feeling sick, being touched (mainly female guest being nipped on the bottom), pinched and needles / pricks being put into the hands. Guests were reporting feeling a unseen presence around them and the atmosphere changed. One guest felt that the presence was an elderly man that didn’t like the chanting of the monks music. Noises were coming frequently from in the kitchen and flashes of light. We debunked the flashing of light to be car lights coming past but a shadow was seen passing the kitchen doors and three of the guest reported the smell of bed baking and toast burning.

The spirit portal identified a man that was in the room and he said that there were eight spirits in the room. We had a few intelligent responses to the questions that were asked but after a while the spirit box was shutting down ad would work correctly. The grid pen started to loose charge and a mist started to appear in the centre of the guest. The mist was only very faint though and did not form into any form clearly for all to see.

After break

After Break Mel went into the coal shed to do a lone vigil and Jane led the other guests upstairs to the bedrooms. The groups were separated into small teams and each had some equipment that they would like to use in the rooms. Most of the groups used calling out methods and spirit boxes (psb-11).

One team got responses telling Jane then that the person did not like Jane and that she was ‘stupid’ and this was repeated in excess of 20 times. Also the name Steven, Debbie and Jean were all called out in this groups spirit box session.

We tried the sls camera and it didn’t pick anything that was unexplainable up.

Another team were doing a spirit box session and got the names Steve, Paul, Margaret and Jean and after a period of quietness also then got a message through the psb-11 telling them that ‘Titch did it’. When asked what itch had done they were told that he was evil and he had killed some teenagers and buried them in the ditch and that they ‘needed to watch their backs’.

 We then moved back downstairs and some of the team did lone vigils in the coal shed whilst other members of the group did table tipping and the other used the drawing planchette. The table tipping group started the table tipping in the in the kitchen and the table began moving a actually went into the coal shed door. Jane opened the door and the table went into the coal shed –some of this was videoed and is available on our facebook site.

The drawing planchette and believed that they were communicating with a little girl called Debbie that enjoyed drawing and she produced a picture for all to see.

Our investigation ended at 3 o’clock.

Fabulous Guests

Kindred Spirit Investigations would like to thank all the guests that attended the night (including our friends from the Hidden in Time group). Each and everyone of you made a significant contribution to the night and this helped the energy to build and this in turn encouraged the activity that we received. Despite the blistering heat throughout the night all guest were enthusiastic to the end and all had an experience of some form throughout the night. Thank you for soldiering on and making the night what it was and we do hope to see you again in future. Please feel free to leave comments and reviews in our review section.

Special Occasion

Kindred Spirit Investigations would also like to wish Sarah and Angenieta a very happy wedding anniversary and wish you many happy years to come. The cake Sarah made for the night was amazing and tasted delicious!