Blyth Battery Investigation Review

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Blyth Battery Investigation Review

16th February 2020 Uncategorised 0


Iwould like to thank my group that came to Blyth battery you were a great group and bought so much energy to the evening.
We first started off in the first gun turret upstairs and the group did some calling out and we used K2 meters for responses. We found the area to be very quiet and moved down stairs in the turret. We used the portal and had some positive reply’s of from lady Called Lizzie who had a pregnancy and also had a gent called Mike come through a few times and it was the same voice on the portal.
We then moved onto the officers trench and did a vigil some of the guests felt as if a dark shadow was watching us from the corner and also felt cold with feelings of the temperature dropping (below their lower waist level). Coinciding with this we also had the K2 responding and turning to a red colour. We also heard a few some tapping sounds.

Then we had a break and then moved onto the officers mess room where we tried using the planchette for automatic writing we had some brilliant results. A man called Philip came through to us and when looking at the paper afterwards the group agreed that what had been written a few times looked like the letter P and we then tried. to make contact a bit more by doing the yes and no board and had Philip still talking to us We finished off the evening in the large bunker where we had a gent coming through on the portal and swearing at us a few times (F*** O**, P*** O** and C***).
Once again I would like to thank my group for taking part in the evenings investigation and you all bought so much individual energy to the group. And thank you for joining us.