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Blyth Battery Investigation

17th February 2020 Uncategorised 0

BLYTH BATTERY lee’s group.
Review from last nights investigation: and what a night it was.
1st bunker downstairs (aka the wooden room)
My group first went into this room and tried some calling out. We got a couple of taps in one particular corner. A few of our guests felt very sea sick and as if they were on a boat swaying side to side including myself. In the corner where we heard the taps we tried the temperature laser gun. We built up the energy with noise and encouragement asking any spirits to lower the temperature. The initial temperature was at a standstill of 3.9°c . We asked the spirit to lower the temperatures an number of times and within minutes we got the temperature down to 0.0°c…. thats pretty awesome. Throughout our time in this bunker we had dramatic temperature drops below everyones knees… below our knees were like ice as if something was wondering around, maybe a small child or an animal.
2nd bunker upstairs: turret bunker
We ventured upstairs in this bunker to find alot of artefacts from France, Germany and England. All artefacts were from the world war. Initially as a group, we joined hands to build up some energy for a seance.When calling out, we had a presents of an adult and a child. One guest asked if the spirit could make a noise or touch someone….well thank you very much Anita because it decided to touch or blow sharply on the side of my face 😂 which I did find amusing at the time. Another guest was effected and pushed in his shoulder. We then learnt that this guest had had a previous injury that had not bothered him for over 14 years in this particular shoulder.We decided to try a human pendulum in this upstairs room. This came with great activity. We had three guests take turns in the middle but we had a feeling the spirit was playing games with us. All three guests were getting pushed forward and backwards in response to our yes and no questions. With all the energy getting sapped out out of our group we then took a break to regenerate.
After the break we ventured into the magazine bunker:
In here we tried a portal session which unfortunately didn’t bring alot of activity apart from getting told where to go (How rude) potentially by a soldier called Christian. We had sufficient bangs at the back of the room along with dimming lights of the grid pen when talking about the world war. We also got along prominent creaking noise in the space we were in which got everyone in the group baffled as there isn’t any doors that could have caused this noise.
The cafe:
The cafe was one of the most active rooms we went into. As soon as we went in and put the k2 meter down it started flickering to orange and red. We all pretty much got a strong sense of something straight away. I decided to do a YES NO board on the table. As soon as our fingers touched the glass it was pretty much active straight away. 3 of my group members seem to be contacted by relatives or friends… I think the spirits we communicated with were attached to some of our guests. We had a man called Rob who was the grandad of one of our guests… we had a long conversation with Rob and we found he is protecting his family and keeping his eye on them.
Another guest who was a volunteer on the evening at the battery was contacted by a gentleman called Harry… now we are lead to believe thay Harry was guests uncle… this got quite emotional for our guest but she wanted to carry on. We asked an array of questions which only Harry knew the answer for clarification it was him communicating but we also had a laugh with him. He was abit of a joker and jack the lad in the past and we learnt that Harry likes to visit our guests Dad (Harry’s brother) and has a tendency to keep him awake at night. Harry also answered yes when we asked if our guest was protected and been watched over by him. Our third guest was contract by an old friend who unfortunately passed 14 years ago while they served our country in the army. Again we asked an array of questions only this friend would know the answer to. The spirit of Jamie Hancock was communicating really well and also when asked if he was ok and if he was happy the answer was yes. Again this was very emotional for our guest in question but he took it really well an I think put his mind at rest.
I personally want to thank you all so much for not only being a brilliant group and getting involved with every activity we did but a special thank you to those who let us speak to your family and friends in the spirit world as I know it can be hard due to being quite personal, so again I thank you so much.
I really hope to see you all again at any of our other events and I hope you enjoyed this event as much as I did. Cheers guys

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