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Kindred Spirit Investigations

Charltons Village Hall Review – Cara and Kathryn

We had a great evening last night with some very good activity. We started in the bath house with immediate action involving the REM pod being activated in the new dug out area, and the cat balls and Teddy in the main area.   A spirit box session had both male and female names coming…
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13th June 2022 0

Charltons Village Hall Review 11th June – Mel’s Group

👻Charltons Village Hall Review – Mel’s Group👻   Main Hall *We had lots of K2 activity with k2s spiking to red and not turning down. Although I hadn’t been told of any new wiring, I would suspect that this was due to an electrical cabling if some sort that omits a lot of static electricity.…
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12th June 2022 0