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Kindred Spirit Investigations

Yarm Fellowship Hall

Jonathan and Mel will be investigating Yarm Fellowship Hall this evening with our guests this evening. We will be posting the reviews on Facebook and from now on we will also include them on our blog too. Lets hope the spirits come out to play.  

8th April 2022 0


Last night the team visited Vane Tempest Hall in Gilesgate Durham. We took a group to the nearby graveyard and we did an outdoor vigil which led to cat balls responding for a sustained period of time. Whilst this activity was underway Dave, one of our investigators took a few pictures. This is one of…
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13th February 2022 0

Mainsforth Miners Welfare

Mainsforth Miners Welfare We have secured three dates for 2022 at Mainsforth Miners Welfare. The first being 6th May 2022. Tickets are now on sale – see our events page. Mainsforth Miners Welfare is an extremely active venue with countless reports of poltergeist activity – doors opening of their own accord, clothing have been tugged by…
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9th February 2022 0

Paranormal Investigator Wanted

👻INVESTIGATOR NEEDED👻   We are expanding our team further. We require an investigator that is prepared to: 🌟Work unsociable hours (typically 22:00-03:00) at weekend 🌟Lead a group of guests through a night of investigation. 🌟MUST have own transport and be willing to drive. 🌟Have excellent social skills and leadership qualities.   If you think you…
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9th February 2022 0

Happy New Year 2022

A very Happy New Year from all at Kindred Spirit Investigations. Thank you to all of our guests that have made 2021 so eventful and fun! Here’s to 2022 with more amazing investigations and more adventures! Have a good one!

31st December 2021 0


We have four dates secured for Maple Terrace Masonic Hall in Newcastle. As recently seen on Night Owls, the Hall experiences regular paranormal activity from random knocking and tapping to poltergeist activity. We will have exclusive access to this location in 2021-2022 so if you would like tickets we have events on the following dates:…
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8th July 2021 0


Who would like to investigate Mill Street Barracks? Such a great location. Tickets will be available for 2022. If you are interested in tickets leave a comment and we message you when the events come online.

6th July 2021 0

New Investigator – yes our team is expanding further!

Hi Guys – Meet Liam. Liam is our new investigator. He is a new addition to our team. He is based in the Middlesbrough area so events based in this area are likely to be run by him. Liam has experiece of mediumship and leading groups. He is a sensitive and will bring new techniques…
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20th June 2021 0

Charltons Village Hall – Janes Review 19th June 2021

First of all thank you to my lovely group for working hard to build energy and getting things going. We started off in the main hall where we did a bit of calling out, introducing ourselves and getting a feeling of the building. We had a few noises we couldn’t explain so we moved to…
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20th June 2021 0

New Investigator

We would like to welcome Lynsey to our team. Lynsey will be running events in and around West Yorkshire.

9th May 2021 0