Chillingham Castle Review – Dave’s Group

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Chillingham Castle Review – Dave’s Group

5th June 2022 Uncategorised 0

Daves Group – Chillingham castle May 21st , 2022.

Like to start by saying a huge thank you to my group, for getting involved and making the night special. We started in the tower room and placed various equipment around the room, ie cat balls, rem pod Mel rem and k2,s. I started with some good old fashioned calling out, we were getting some temperature fluctuations monitored by Steve and the rem pod on table going off slightly. As more of the guests got involved and started to call out ,the activity grew with all the positive energy ,cat ball was going off in response to questions. Stevie focused on a shadow pretty much walking from one side to the other, and Alan felt as if he was being watched from the balcony above as well as his body temperature decreasing. We had about 5 minutes left in this room when one of the cat balls rolled off a stool, this had been placed there all night.

We then went into grande hall which was pretty flat for us , we shortly left and went for break. After break, we went into the torture chamber where most of the guests witnessed sls camera activity, seemed to be a small child’s figure wanting to contact guests by standing rite next to them and changing temperature.

We then started a ouija session which seemed to work instantly but slowly. The planchette would only go in one direction I wondered and asked the question, are you pointing at the person you wish to speak with, the answer was yes. The guest involved received a personal message from a loved one,

Afterwards we entered the chapel where we had k2 activity and rem pod activity but that seemed it as the night quickly came to an end. All in all a good night with some good activity and a great group of people, thanks guys Dave.