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Dave’s Group – Maple Terrace Masonic Hall

5th June 2022 Uncategorised 0

Dave Group- Maple terrace review sat 4th,June, 22.

Firstly thanks to a great group We started as one big group in the Masonic Temple. Where we intentionally were going to do a Human Pendulum but as we started to prepare, we were getting some very loud thuds, which seemed to becoming from the rooms below and above. We decided to stay with this and see if we could build on the activity we were getting by putting some equipment about and calling out. Unsure of which, myself and Mel went to investigate the noises while Johnathan led the group.

We searched the upper levels and lower levels but found nothing. When we returned we had trigger object going off trip wire, cat balls and the Mel rem was going off the scale. Many orbs were captured on photos and guests were reacting to feeling cold numb and different whilst doing the human pendulum, also getting intelligent answers from questions asked.

Afterwards we split into 2 groups, and my group conducted a Ouija session in the lower hall. Although we had nothing on the Ouija board equipment was going off around us. A table was heard in the corner as being dragged and footsteps along one side. All night it seemed as if they were walking around the groups keeping there distance observing. Shortly afterwards we stopped for break.

After break, my group went into the library on the upper levels where we conducted a seance. A little activity was had but not much so the group asked if we could use the portal. This is where we got some decent activity with the spirit of a child answering questions and calling one of the girls a bitch very loud and clear. Just then the door handle went it seemed as if someone was trying to force entry and we could here voices. On investigating no one was there and the other group was downstairs.

As the night was drawing to an end some of the guests went off with sls camera where they caught a figure up in the attic on screen as if it was crouching trying to hide from view. All in all steady activity throughout with some interesting stuff had. Again thanks to everyone who attended. Good investigation, good banter, and a laugh was had by all. Thanks Dave.