*SOLD OUT* Isaac Wilson – Exclusive to Kindred Spirit Investigations

Date(s) - 25/07/2021 - 26/07/2021
10:00 pm - 3:00 am

Issac Wilson

Sunday 25th July 2021

22:00 – 03:00


Deposit £15 (Remaining £12 to be paid before June 27th)

Paranormal Activity Reported at the Isaac Wilson Public House

Today the Isaac Wilson is a popular public house in Middlesbrough that has a hidden secret. For years vistors and staff have reported paranormal events. In the upstairs flat (which we will have access to), a feeling of unease and being watched is evident as you walk around. Sounds of footsteps walking around have been heard from the lower floors and furniture moving and when people have gone upstairs to see what the commotion is no one is there. Cleaners in the building have been aware of children in the building and whispers and voices have been heard when staff have been locking up alone. The lower levels fill staff with dread and they do not like to go there alone, if at all. Finally the kitchen staff have reported things moving and falling on onto the floor as if they had been moved by unseen hands and the stairwell leading to the male and female toilets leave visitors feeling uncomfortable, scared and feeling like they are not alone…what secrets will we uncover from spirits at Isaac Wilsons?


Isaac Wilsons has a very interesting history. This popular public house was originally built in 1901 as a County Law Court and was converted into a public house in 1991. However the building itself is sited on the former Quaker burial ground. The Quaker burial Ground was opened in 1847 and was used to house the bodies of the Quakers until 1851. However in 1901, in order to lay the foundations for the law courts, a night time exhumation of the bodies were undertaken. Where the bodies were moved to is yet unknown to our group.

Today Isaac Wilson’s is a popular public house in Middlesbrough with friendly staff and a souls that have never really left and pop in fro time to time to make themselves known…join us to find out more about who these spirits of the past may be and why they come back to visit the living.

Covid-19 Measures

Kindred Spirit Investigations has a commitment to our customers and staff to make our investigations as safe as they can be and have successfully obtained the Industry Standard, ‘Good to Go’ ensuring that Government standards are strictly adhered to. We take this responsibility very seriously and have put in place a range of measures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff throughout the investigation.

Customers will also be asked to provide information for tract and trace to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. All information provided will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed.

What to Expect from a night with Kindred Spirit Investigations

  • Our professional team will lead you through a night of investigation using traditional and up to date techniques of investigation using a range of tools / equipment to evidence the paranormal.
  • We have intimate groups that promote more intense paranormal activity and allow you to experience a wider range of phenomenon.
  • A wide range of the latest equipment and gadgets for your use throughout the night as seen on all the leading programs. Our experienced team will explain how the equipment works, what it measures and then its up to you to try it out!
  • All investigations are tailored to meet the needs and interests of the guests so if you would like to try something out that you have seen before such as a lone vigil, experimental technique or simply that you want to try a particular technique, simply inform one of our investigators that will ensure that is incorporated into the night!

Over 18 only and any one under the influence of alcohol, drugs or faking activity will be asked to leave and will not be entitled to a refund.

Additionally, we provide a light buffet but feel free to bring your own food if you would like or if you have specific dietary needs and requirements.

All our events are subject to terms and conditions and upon booking you are bound to these terms. For a comprehensive guide to terms and conditions please see our website or contact the page for more information.

Strictly Over 18’s only. Guests under the influence of alcohol, drug, legal high s or heavily pregnant will not be allowed on investigations and will be asked to leave the event without being entitled to a refund.

Guests with Disabilities

Although we do our best to catered for all our guests and do not discriminate between individuals, at times the venues that we hold events are unsafe or unsuitable for those with mobility issues. Please contact the page to discuss the suitability of the venue prior to booking.

We strongly advise though with mental health issues DO NOT partake in this event.

Terms and Conditions

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