Maple Terrace Masonic Hall – Exclusive to KSI

Date(s) - 09/09/2022 - 10/09/2022
10:00 pm - 3:00 am

Maple Terrace Masonic Hall

9th September 2022

Location – NE4 7SE

22:00 – 03:00


Deposit Option £15pp (Remaining £12 to be paid 12th August 2022)

Paranormal Activity

This Masonic Hall has been used for over 100 years for Masonic rituals and is still used for ceremonies and masonic meetings today. Footage of a large candlestick appear in a corridor from no where was caught by Alan Robsons Night Owls team along with swinging chandeliers, strange footsteps and unexplained sounds. Throughout the years people have experienced dark shadows, unexplained mists and poltergeist activity throughout the building.


Maple Terrace Masonic Hall is the oldest purpose built masonic hall in Northumberland and dates back to 1870. It is only one year younger than the one that was rebuilt at Beamish Museum, which had its foundation stone laid in 1869 and originally built by St. John’s Lodge of Sunderland. Elswick, principally funded by St. Peter’s and Northern Counties Lodges is still used by active lodges.

The foundation stone was laid on 11th October 1870 and the building dedicated on 23rd May 1872 at a ceremony attended by 200 Masons. As was the usual practice in these purpose-built halls of the 19th-century Maple Terrace with its Gothic architecture reflects the style of civic buildings of the time. Heavily adorned with masonic symbols the exterior also bears the motto “Vide Aude Tace”, (hear, see and hold your tongue), made its first appearance in the Freemason’s calendar of 1777. It is derived from a line of “leonine” verse and in full means hear, see and hold your tongue, if in peace you would live on. It is usual for a hall to have a robing room, a lodge room and a dining room and Maple Terrace is no exception.

Different lodges meet in the building and depending on the size and number of these additional rooms are added.
Some also have libraries, Tyler’s room (the man who prepares the lodge room and guards the door) and a committee room.

*History take from Tyne Castle Lodge Webpage.

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What to Expect from a night with Kindred Spirit Investigations

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• We specialise in small groups for a more intense paranormal experience that allows you to experience a wider range of phenomenon.

• A wide range of the latest equipment for your use throughout the night (as seen on leading programs)Our experienced team will explain how the equipment works, what it measures and the rest is up to you to try out!

• All our investigations are tailored to meet the needs and interest of guests so if you would like to try something out that you have seen before such as a lone vigil, experimental technique, simply inform one of our investigators that will ensure that this is incorporated into the night.

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It is advised that you always use a torch during the investigation and warm layered clothing and suitable, comfortable shoes such as trainers or pumps that will be good for stepping on uneven surfaces.

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