The Village

Date(s) - 05/02/2022 - 06/02/2022
9:00 pm - 2:00 am

The Village

5th February 2022


Deposit £15 (Remaining £12 to be paid before 8th January 2022)

21:00 – 02:00

Over 18yr Only

Paranormal Activity

As featured on Paranormal Captured and The Hauntings

This huge, sinister building is no stranger to paranormal activity. Situated in the heart of Mansfield this venue often leaves people terrified and refusing to go in at night and is locally known as the ‘Village of the Damned’.
History of a fire on the grounds, dates back to the 1500’s where several monks lost their lives. In the 1700’s the building was used as a slaughter house before being converted into a Malt House. The owner of the Malt House, Mr Merryweather is said to roam the building and has been seen and photographed on several occasions.
Other activity at this location include men, women and children who are said to present themselves in one of the hidden rooms that it is believed they were captured and held.
Visitors have experienced full bodied apparitions (12 sightings since 2015), shadow figures are regularly seen, unexplained fogs and mists, apparitions of monks and the chilling sound of piano of its own accord.
Much of this activity has been very recent with weekly reports of sightings and unexplained events.
Will you be brave enough to join Kindred Spirits Investigation of The Village?

What to Expect from a night with Kindred Spirit Investigations

Our professional team will lead you through a night of investigation. Our groups will be no larger than 7 people per investigator as we believe that more intimate groups gain better paranormal activity and will have the opportunity to work as a group, in smaller groupings, in pairs and lone vigils should you desire.

Throughout the night we will guide you through a  night of investigating demonstrating how to encourage and evidence paranormal activity using both modern and traditional methods, We have a range of equipment that we will show you how to use, explain what it measures and identify what to look for when evidencing paranormal activity. The equipment will then be given to you for your use throughout the night.

Kindred Spirit Investigations is a professional paranormal group and will not fake paranormal activity. There will be no jumpers or staged events throughout the night and any activity experienced will be genuine phenomena. Kindred Spirit Investigations will not force anyone to partake in any activity that they do not wish to and participants enter into activities at their own risk.

Investigations can be tailored to meet the needs of our customers interests so if you do have a request please inbox the page with your request prior to the event so that we can best prepare to meet your requirements.

We provide a light buffet for you to eat but feel free to bring your own food if you would like or if you have a dietary needs and requirements.

For more information please see FAQ and ‘About Us’ for more detailed information.

Health and Safety

Our team are all trained first aiders. We systematically risk assess both location and equipment before and throughout events to ensure the upmost safety of all of our customers.

Although we attempt to cater for everyone in the community, at times and due to the nature of the properties that we investigate, the events and locations are not suitable for those with walking / mobility difficulties, pregnant ladies or those with mental health conditions.

It is advised that you always use a torch during the investigation and warm layered clothing and suitable, comfortable shoes such as trainers or pumps that will be good for stepping on uneven surfaces.

Terms and Conditions

Before booking please read our terms and conditions as you will be bound to these upon booking. Please note tat Kindred Spirit Investigations will not take any responsibility to personal injury before, during or after the investigation and persons booking and attending do so entirely at their own risk. Please check out Terms and Conditions

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Deposit £15 (Remaining £12 to be paid before 8th January 2022)
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