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Kindred Spirit Investigations

At Kindred Spirit Investigations, we are the experts in Ghost Hunting Events and Paranormal investigations across the North East of England. Across the North East, we are blessed with some of the best ghost hunting locations anywhere in the world. The North East has the perfect blend of old, disused industry, spectacular old buildings and hotels – as well as some incredibly old cities and towns to explore.
Each Ghost Hunting evening is different, and unpredictable by it’s very nature – but we ensure that all locations and investigations are planned perfectly – giving you the best possible experience. Using the very best equipment and expert guides, with knowledge built up from many years – we take part and experience a full range of unexplainable phenomena such as apparitions, Evps, and spirit communication.
Some of the towns and cities we work in across the North East, include Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Sunderland, Durham and Hartlepool. Keep an eye on the events pages for further information, or get in touch to speak to us about our upcoming ghost hunting events across the North East.