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Yorkshire covers a massive area, and we run ghost hunts in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire as well as North Yorkshire. This massive area allows us access to the most haunted spots across the region, from city centre prisons, right across to rural and remote farmyards and old industrial areas. These areas are famed throughout the world for their unexplained phenomena, with high levels of supernatural activity recorded.
It’s our aim to provide the best possible experience for our customers – and we have had massive success in providing an unforgettable experience encompassing modern and traditional ghost hunting techniques, communicating via means of ITC devices, spirit portals, table tipping,  and mapping technology. We consistently deploy the latest technology and equipment to evidence and communicate with spirits.
The Ghost Huntings events page in Yorkshire is constantly being updated as we source new places to visit, as well as revisit our favourite haunted spots – including abandoned airfields and old military installations.
If you have any questions about a Yorkshire ghost hunting investigations, or would like to know what’s coming up across Yorkshire, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.