Halloween Raffle

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Halloween Raffle

1st November 2020 Uncategorised 0

👻👻👻Halloween Raffle- Winners👻👻👻

1st Prize- 171 (Steve Phillips) Voice Recorder

2nd Prize- 55 (Tracy Lee) £25 gift voucher

3rd Prize- 179 (Lisa Alcock) Halloween Hamper

4th Prize- 108 ( Sandra Nicholls) Signed copy of System Reset

5th Prize- 244 (Alan Davison) Don’t Look Back in Anger Boom

6th Prize- 25 (David Dellow) Black Monk of Pontefract

7th Prize- 2 (Sean Coffell) Bottle if wine

8th Prize- 172 (Steve Phillips) torch

9th Prize- 74 ( Anita Wright) Ghosthunter mug

10th Prize- 193 (Lisa Alcock) Children’s ghost book

11th Prize- 184 (Lisa Alcock) Keyring

12th Prize- 181 (Lisa Alcock) KSI Sticker

13th Prize- 281 (Lynda Gallagher) Halloween Sweets

14th Prize- 140 (Mel Hardy) Halloween Sweets

15th Prize- 50 (Tracy Lee) Halloween Sweets

We would like to thank everyone for taking part and congratulations to the winners of prizes.