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Isaac Wilson Investigation – Heather Group

20th February 2020 Uncategorised 0

A very fun night, full of activity and lots of giggles! Starting our night on the second floor we went through the equipment people had chosen and how to use it. We started calling out asking for taps and bangs which we had none I’m afraid. We decided to try human pendulum, which was very responsive. We had a gentleman quaker and his family speak with us. He a wife and three children.
Moving on, we went to the staff room and using the ouija board we had a couple different people come through while on the board. Whilst doing the ouija board we had a doll as a trigger object holding a k2 next to it, it seemed to get constant fluxutating interaction. The Mel meter seemed very responsive in that room aswell.
After our break we started again downstairs in the front of house area, starting on the portal, it didn’t seem to be very responsive. At this point, I let the team split up a bit some using the psb-7 and Mel meter, others trying calling out and another group trying mirror scrying. All seemed to get activity come through, mirror scrying was great!
Moving onto the cellar we again tried human pendulum and had a very well mannered guard come through and speak to us as well as a quaker who claimed that their body had been left behind during the excavation of the cemetery.
Upstairs on the third floor we had a group using the ouija, with a man coming through and another couple went and tried lone vigils in some of the other rooms. To end the night we tried human pendulum one last time, the well mannered guard came through again just letting us know he was there to protect us and to reassure us.
A really good night. Thank you to my group you were fantastic you were all willing to try using the equipment and traditional techniques and you made me giggle… a lot! Isaacs was a great venue and I think if we go back again we will only get more and more activity! Great night!

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