Isaac Wilson Investigation – Janes Review

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Isaac Wilson Investigation – Janes Review

20th February 2020 Uncategorised 0

 My group started in the bar area, all of the group were very open and started receiving names, Patrick a regular in  that sat with his pint and paper, Florrie (a prostitute that was imprisoned and working in a work house)and young lad that had been beaten up and died.  

There was a lady that seemed confused too, we think she was in mourning with her husband but couldn’t find his body… which fits into the history of the location.

After a lovely buffet break, Mel made some lovely wraps for the first time, they went down well n after refuelling with hot drinks we were drawn to the lower cellar where most of us were touched…. I’ll leave that there.

Also a man came through that played with the boiler in there, asking the manager she did say that the boiler did play up. We then went to top floor where we got the table tipping going quite well and we all felt uneasy in places. The Ouija board also came to life, a gentleman called William who we couldn’t get a straight answer from. He was happy chatting to us.

 Then onto the second floor where we didn’t really get alot, but the staff room had an effect on 2 of our lovely guests, they felt very sleepy which again the manager said does happen with some of her staff in that room. Sadly that was our last vigil and after a de- brief and closing down prayer our guests night came to an end.