Isaac Wilson Investigation – Lees Review

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Isaac Wilson Investigation – Lees Review

20th February 2020 Uncategorised 0

Isaac wilson investigation – Lees Group

Last night my group started on the top floor. We started with some calling out and a human pendulum.

We had a great amount of activity with the pendulum which even effected some people on the outside of the circle. One lady felt as though her hand was being held… turns out we were speaking to a little girl. This little girl was looking for a mother figure of sorts as she came across a little bit frightened. We tried an evp recording asking if the little girl was still present to which we got a small voice replying “yes”.

We moved down the hall way to another room where we had loads of activity on the ouija board. It seemed as though a few more spirits turned up along side the little girl, possibly the girls uncle or Grandad. Unfortunately we got to the conclusion that whoever we spoke to on the board was struggling to spell… we also did another board and pendulum in the final room to which the k2 meter was flashing orange and red when we weren’t giving the spirits any attention and the board was going really strong after this which felt like they didn’t want to be ignored.

The middle floor with the store room and cellar was a little active. We got a man called Steve through the psb11 and the k2 meter had a little flicker every now an then whilst asking questions through the psb11.

After this, we ventured down to the basement cellar. As soon as we entered one of our guests felt uneasy and felt the need to pace up an down as if a guard was on duty. We managed to get some info via a human pendulum to which we spoke to a guard who was not a very nice man.. he was a heavy drinker and loved the ladies.. he didn’t like the blokes been down here. He was a bully but would only effect the females in the group. Again, the human pendulum was very active.

Finally, we went to the main pub area downstairs. This gave us a change to use the sls camera in the toilets to which we got a figure in the ladies toilets along with a big tap which did startle a couple of our guests. Another ouija board was successful and also scrying. The scrying showed us with a gentleman coming through who looked beaten up and a stern old lady came through with wondering eyes watching us.

Overall I felt the investigation was a success but this place has alot more to offer

We have been lucky enough to be the first people to investigate this venue and more than likely we will be back again.