Issac Wilson Investigation TONIGHT- Guest reminders

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Issac Wilson Investigation TONIGHT- Guest reminders

19th February 2020 Uncategorised 0

Investigators for the night will be Heather, Jane and Lee. Mel will be on site to do and we will be doing live feeds throughout the night.
Please remember:
💥Isaac Wilsons will be closing at 21:00 today so that customers clear out for our start at 22:00.
💥Investigation / Ghost Hunting customers are advised to arrive at 21:45 for a prompt start at 22:00.
💥We do NOT take anyone on the investigation that is intoxicated and alcohol is prohibited. As are drugs and legal highs.
💥If you have any medical issues that we need to be aware of please let a member of the team know on the night.
💥We provide a light buffet , please ensure that you inform staff of any allergies that you may have before the event. You are welcome to bring own food also BUT you must only consume these at break times.
Please note we have been targeted by scammers recently posting on our event tab. Official tickets have ONLY been sold through our website or Eventbrite. We have not had ANY cancellations OR anyone that purchased tickets no longer wanting them. If you have bought tickets from people on Facebook saying that they have tickets, even if they’ve had evidence (which is fake) I suggest you contact the page and we will advise anyone that has been scammed to go to the police.
If unsure contact the page.

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