Jedburgh Jail – Review 9.11.19

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Jedburgh Jail – Review 9.11.19

13th November 2019 Uncategorised 0

Heather Group
The night started a little quiet. I had everyone have a look around the jail cells and listen to the sounds of the building. We first started with the psb11 but nothing came through. We then moved onto a more traditional method of human pendulum, we had some responses. As we had a lot of new people in the group, I wanted as many of them to have a go as it’s a very unique feeling being in the centre. We then tried the Ouija board we had an amazing response. A gentleman who passed in 1827 who was a prisoner spoke to us he claimed to be 33 and had been murdered by a prison guard. After this, we had a break and got everyone warmed up as it was a pretty cold night. Afterwards we went to the women’s cell block, we used the portal and had a few responses. We then tried using some trigger objects we had an old key and a Bible we tried to get a response using a K2 and re-enacted slamming the doors locking them and then reopening. This did not seem to work however it certainly hit home for all us how menacing it felt. We did human pendulum again and spoke with a woman called Angela, she claimed to be innocent of her crime. Moving on to the next cell block we tried some mirror scrying everyone who participated seemed to see their face change in some way. Moving onto the next location, Terri had her accident. I would just like to say to all of the group a massive thank you! You all chipped in and made a difficult and scary situation so much easier you were an amazing group and hope that you guys will come back for another investigation with us because you were all an absolute pleasure to investigate with! Terri is doing great and is determined to come on the next investigation!Janes GroupFirstly I would like to thank my group for getting involved in the investigation and trying new things out. Also for being so understanding towards the end. After the opening prayer I took my group to the block not opened to the public, we separated out and did some calling out, nothing was really heard apart from hearing a noise from a loose flagstone upstairs as though someone had walked on it, checking there was no one upstairs we couldn’t explain it. We then tried a human pendulum where we did get some responses to questions but they were weak and felt like they didn’t want to talk. Upstairs we tried PSB 11 but as the walls were probably too thick, we couldn’t get much signal. We tried table tipping which was successful much to some of my guests shock as they hadn’t seen it before. The Ouija board was successful here too, we think we were talking to a Warden( he was quite vague).We had no K2 responses through the night at all. We had a break with our guests warming up with some soup we provided aswell as snacks. Fully refreshed, we moved on to another block where we separated and tried Ouija board K2 and human pendulum, the PSB 11 by then had drained battery and when asked on the Ouija board if the person who we were talking to had drained it, the reply was “yes”. One of our guests captured some orbs in a video and another guest captured an EVP. Table tipping was good and on the human pendulum someone came thru and said they were a relative of the person in the middle who was imprisoned in the jail! Our final part of the investigation was a bit flat but all in all it was a good night. If anyone in my group( Jane) would like to add anything that they can remember please comment. The night was closed down with a prayer and I hope everyone had a good journey home.

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