Jedburgh Jail – Why Investigate?

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Jedburgh Jail – Why Investigate?

27th September 2019 Uncategorised 0


From a distance Jedburgh Jail could be mistaken for a grand castle however inside the walls is an entirely different story!

Jedburgh Jail was built in the 1820’s on the site of the Royal Burgh’s medieval castle which was destroyed in 1409. Jedburgh’s Castle Jail is the finest example of the Howard reform prison in Scotland and was designed by Archibald Elliot. Before this time prisons were filthy, overcrowded and disease ridden with debtors, criminals and children all crushed together in the cells. The jail closed in 1868 and almost a century later was opened to the public.

Jedburgh Jail has housed many disturbed and violent prisoners some of which have not left! Most Haunted visited Jedburgh Jail in its eleventh series and each year the jail is opened to a limited number of paranormal groups each year.

This infamous jail is reportedly haunted by the spirit of a dangerous prisoner called Edwin McArthur. Since his execution in 1855, visitors to the jail have felt fearful by an unseen force that causes the atmosphere to become threatening and foreboding.

Anyone who has visited this location in the daytime will tell you that at night time the atmosphere takes a sinister turn becoming heavy and oppressive, so much so that many people have fled from the jail and refused to re-enter. Shadow figures are seen watching and shifting within the cells and people have reportedly physically attacked with some reports of people being hit, scratched and pushed. Large, heavy cells doors have slammed shut of their own accord and voices have been caught on EVP whispering and taunting the living. Flashes of light are also regularly reported.

Kindred Spirit Investigations are investigating Jedburgh Jail on November 9th 2019. It is definitely one of the most scary and active venues that we have investigated – only for the brave! Will you be joining us? Book now