Jonathan’s Group – Maple Terrace Masonic Hall

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Jonathan’s Group – Maple Terrace Masonic Hall

5th June 2022 Uncategorised 0

Maple Terrace- Jonathan’s Group

We started the night off with both groups in the temple and Dave’s Mel-REM spent the entire time going absolutely crazy, some of the cat balls were flashing but nothing to completely intelligent responses.

We then did a human pendulum with one of the female guests getting pushed slightly for answers but couldn’t get anything concrete, so we swapped people in the middle with one of the male guests and the spirit confirmed it was the same one from before and that they were a male aged 17 and had been a pitman.


We held a séance around the table on the room and had various taps and bangs happen around the room as well as some slight voices as well as temperature drops around legs and over hands. Everyone around the table struggled to speak as if the spirit was putting across that they’d suffered a stroke.

Robing room

After the break we moved in to the robing room and did some scrying where one of guests had a go and his features slowly changed in to that of someone of African-American descent, although he said that he thought he looked like he was changing in to an angry old man.

Dining Room

We moved on to the dining room to have a Ouija board session, whilst we didn’t get a lot through the board we did hear one of the sets of double doors rattle as if someone was trying to open them, which we thought strange as they were swing doors that open both ways.


We rejoined Dave’s group in the Temple and had a session with the Portal where you could clearly hear the name of one of the guests in my group come through.

Thank you to my group for joining in with everything and please leave any photos or videos you have in the comments or one the community section of the page. Please don’t forget to leave a review.