Jonathan’s Review – Ryton Masonic Hall

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Jonathan’s Review – Ryton Masonic Hall

5th June 2022 Uncategorised 0

Ryton Masonic Hall – Jonathan’s Group

We started the night off in the smaller meeting room and had the following activity. We placed cat balls in various spots around the room and after a while one of them one the fire place started flashing, we confirmed that it was the spirit of the daughter and was there with a young male spirit, the cat ball continued to flash so I swapped it with one from the large table and it continued to flash on the table in response to our questions. We then tried a Ouija board session and it said that it was a young male spirit called Peter but couldn’t quite spell his name fully.

Meeting Room

We tried a spirit box session with a PSB-11 and had various voices come through but nothing that could be fully made out. we the moved to the room next door and did some scrying with the mirror hanging in there all four guests who took part had changes happen to their faces with three of them changing completely.

Lodge Temple

In the temple we had one link of the motion tripwire go off with no one next to it. Three of my group moved to the warden and master’s chairs with two of them saying that they felt a heavy presence over them and that they started to feel uncomfortable sitting there. We them did a bit of table tipping with the table shaking/vibrating hard and then stopping only for it to do this on a couple more occasions.

Lounge Room

After the break we moved to the lounge room and had cat balls flashing in response to some questions and also without an intelligent response, we also noticed one of the K2 meters spiking slightly. We then had a spirit box session with the PSB-11 and had varying responses, if one of the female guests asked a question they would get a male voice responding back to them and if it was a myself or one of the male guests asking a question we would get a female voice responding back.

Meeting Room

For the last half hour we moved back to the meeting room and held a séance everyone one around the table noticed the temperature drop and icy cold blasts of air, we also noticed shadow figures moving around the outside of room as well as poking out from behind various people, several people myself included felt something brush over their hands which did feel to some to either be s stroke of the hand or hair brushing over it, just before the finish we could all feel like the energy in the room was building to a crescendo, but we unfortunately had to call an end to the night before anything happened.

Thank you to my group for joining in with everything and please leave any photos or videos you have in the comments or one the community section of the page. Please don’t forget to leave a review.