K-11 – What Every Investigator Should Know

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K-11 – What Every Investigator Should Know

27th April 2019 Uncategorised 0

The K-11 is an extremely sensitive tool that has been specifically designed for use in paranormal investigations for the communication with spirits. Paranormal teams all over the world use these had held devices every investigation to detect the presence of a spirit and find out more about the spirit through questioning techniques. However, how effective are K-11’s and what type of things can give false readings?

I have addressed these points in the article below as in order for K-11 ‘s to be used effectively a clear understanding of its function and downfalls is necessary.

What does a K-11 do and measure?

Firstly, we need to understand what a K-11 actually does. The K-11 is an EMF meter (Electro Magnetic Force meter). EMF meters, like the K-11,detect electromagnetic energy in the environment. Electromagnetism occurs when electric current changes or moves. The K-11 will detect a change and fluctuation  in the electromagnetic energy in the environment and measure the current in milliGAUSS (mG). It covers frequencies from approximately 30 – 20,000Hz and can be used both in and outdoors.

How are K-11’s used in paranormal investigations?

Many investigation groups use a K-11 to request spirits, which are believed to be able to manipulate / change the electromagnetic field, to light up the K-11 to answer specific yes and no questions. Investigators will look for an erratic surge of EMF that indicates a fluctuation in current, this will show on the K-11 with changes in the colour of the lights on the K-11. Green lights up to 10 mG, orange between 10-20 mG and red above 20mG. A constant light will indicate a constant flow of EMF and will not be classed as paranormal as this would clearly be coming from an EMF source.

As EMF fields are often present in the atmosphere from natural, electrical and magnetic forces so equipment around us has an EMF reading. Electrical equipment such as kettles, fridges, wiring and cabling can all give off an electromagnetic field and a K-11 will detect this. Therefore in order to use K-11  more effectively, investigators need to do a sweep of their investigation area to be aware of where electromagnetic readings are present. Also it is worth noting that faulty equipment can also give off spikes and fluctuations in current, so be aware of this when doing an environmental check as it could provide false results when investigating.

Investigators are looking for the spikes and fluctuations in current and responses upon demand. For example, an investigator may ask, “If we have a male spirit here could you please change the light on the K-11 to an orange or red”. If investigators get a response, the lights on the EMF meter change from green to orange or red, indicating a change in the EMF field they will then ask further questions to validate looking for timely responses, which indicate that a spirit is able to manipulate the EMF field on request. Many investigators get several ‘intelligent responses’ (responses on demand) in investigations and I have attended investigations where the investigator has asked that the spirit light up several different k-11’s in different locations in the room in sequence and it did this more than once on request.

Throughout the investigation, investigators must also ensure that mobile technology has been placed on flight mode as this can also provide false positives when investigating and cause the k-11 to light up. Additionally, as the K-11 is very sensitive a knock or strong vibration can also make the K-11 flicker so careful handling such as holding in the hand when investigating or placing on a steady and cushioned surface will stop this from occurring.

What will the future hold?

Paranormal investigations are often criticised for their lack of scientific approach to investigation so it is critical that investigators have a good understanding of the functions and limitations of the K-11. Despite the limited availability of validated research on the use of K-11, groups across the world are experiencing communication in a controlled environment where several people witness the phenomenon and further research needs to be conducted for us to better understand the reason for these unexplained spikes and fluctuations.

Although there is more paranormal research into communication with spirit of late, it is worth noting that although the K-11 optimises and visualises what investigators believe to be spirit communication, there is no solid evidence to identify which frequency the spirit world works within. Investigators may only be touching the surface of spirit contact or communication when evidencing unexplainable spikes. Lets hope advancements in this area come sooner rather than later so that we can discover what lies beyond our physical being and realm.

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