Lazenby Village Hall Review

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Lazenby Village Hall Review

8th March 2020 Uncategorised 0

⚠️Lazenby Village Hall Review – Mel’s group⚠️
I’ve started the night in the main room. Within the first five minutes we had a k2 activity lighting up when we put the dollNext to the K2. Customers began to feel cold draught a and felt things stood behind them. One member of their group felt like there was something close beside them and another felt her clothing being tugged. One member of the group heard screaming and a group of people talking but this was not the other group. We went into the ladies toilets and did some scrying. All that took part had experiences where they were seeing changes to their facial expressions.
After break we went upstairs and although it was a slow start our group experienced the cat balls moving off their own accord and members of the group started to feel like they was something else in the room near them. We tried the ouija and the Ovilus 111 and got very little response. We tried the grid pen and the light did dip but we are unsure if this was caused by the batteries needing a change. We went into the belfry and tried a PSB-11 session. We had faint voices but nothing significant. We had movement with the cat balls again . We did a human pendulum and upon joining hands instantly felt a surge of energy go around the circle. We contacted a male child spirit.
Overall we had an active night with many laughs along the way. My group was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the night and hope that you all did too. Thanks for being such amazing guest and please feel free to add any comments or photos that you may have.
👻👻Mel 👻👻

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