Lazenby Village Hall- Review (Janes Group)

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Lazenby Village Hall- Review (Janes Group)

8th March 2020 Uncategorised 0

⚠️ Lazenby Village Hall Review- Janes Group⚠️
Thank you to my lovely group who were all on their first ghost hunt bar 1 person. You were all eager and keen to try everything which was fantastic. We started in one of the two rooms upstairs where I set up the grid pen on the back wall, had a K2 set up and we used the PSB11 box, after a quick explanation of how everything worked we started our investigation. We had the name Steve on the PSB box and the K2 flashed once. The most amazing thing was the grid pen, we had one shape form (see attached photo) and it disappeared n appeared on demand then kept moving forming a rainbow arc then getting bigger then smaller, I hope I’ve explained it well, i cant find the right words best to describe it, it was extraordinary, I’ve never seen it before but when it arched it was behind a guest who felt cold every time it did so. We tried the Ouija board to no success. We moved to the other room where we did human pendulum where a young girl who died when she was 20-25 of disease came thru, she was a teacher who lived in Wilton but was very weak, my guest in the middle said she wasnt pushed backwards and forwards, she felt guided. We had a break with a lush buffet to devour and hot drinks. We then were able to investigate downstairs of Lazenby. We started by scrying in Ladies loo where guests were freaked out as things did change with their faces, one guest reported her face looking back at her blinked but she knew she didn’t. We then went to the main hall, had objects for kids to play with, including our lovely doll, some cat balls and marbles, nothing of great significance happened but we did have 3 guests take 3 photos with 3 different cameras which showed the same orb in virtually the same place. We then used the portal with names coming thru and “that f#$&┬úng cat’ when a gust asked do you like cats or dogs. Keeping the portal going we ended the night with some table tipping and when the portal said “have to shout louder” we all did and the table moved. All in all not as active as this place can be but it was interesting and did get some good evidence. Thank you again to my lovely group, I hope you all enjoyed your first ghost hunt. 👻👻

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