Lazenby Village Hall Review

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Lazenby Village Hall Review

27th September 2019 Uncategorised 0
Guest at Lazenby Village Hall investigating using the K2

👻Lazenby Village Hall Review- 21st September👻

Heathers Group

The night started a little slow for activity, the first room we visited was the belfry upon asking if any spirits were there the only reply we got was “jesus” upon further questioning and little response the team decided to try another room. We went down stairs to the little room opposite the main hall, we got out the ouija board and began our questions we received a good response with plenty of yes and no questions answered. However, we soon felt a negative presence and the some members of the group felt they could see an ominous shadow man that has previously been seen and felt in this building. There was also the presence of a young girl who seemed shy and unsure the group tried to interact but unfortunately the more menacing entity did not want us speak with her.

We moved onto the womens bathroom to do some mirror scrying, a few members tried this, the first felt they were going between a negative male presence and a woman who may have fallen victim to him. They seemed to battle for spotlight. The next felt they could see an older man the group watched and described what they could see.

After a break, the group tried again upstairs with not much activity and decided to move back downstairs. In the main hall the two spirits we interacted with in the bathroom came through again and really seemed to effect one of the team who was overcome by emotions. She felt belonged to the female presence. After a while, the room calmed down. However, some of the group felt like the could see a figure crouching in the doorway, they felt like they were being watched. Both groups reassembled and tried some table tipping which took a little to get going but showed some positive results with table finally being tipped over.

Mel’s Group

We started our investigation upstairs in the room opposite the belfry. It is fair for to say that it was slow to get activity going tonight when shouting out and no activity on the mel meter or the k2 initially. We tried the temperature gun but the temperature seemed to be fairly consistent with only a slight variation. A customer felt something brush by her leg which we could not explain and there were three taps behind two of our customers. The ovilus 3 brought up the name Paul and this name also came up on the psb-11 too. The psb -11 brought forward a man and a lady spirit that didn’t really want to give their names. We had some interactions with the portal with spirits tending to target and answer some people more than others. Two guests then seen a dash of light outside the door which appeared to be inside of the building. When I shouted downstairs to see where the other group was working, it became clear it wasn’t them but that said they heard footsteps going up the stairs to our room and assumed it was one of us, which did course it hadn’t been.

We then went into the belfry and guests didn’t like the belfry cupboard saying that there were bangs and taps coming from the cupboard. We did a spirit portal session and were called t**ts. On the portal a man and a woman were speaking but there was no direct evidence found. A few customers felt an icy blast just before a shaken Georgia jumped to feet to find that her button on her top had been undone.

After break

We went into the ladies toilets and each tried scrying. We had a number of different faces change, mostly into male characters. Next we ventured on the Ouija board. One of our customers got a personal message that they need to try to verify when they get home home with family members. We had a few mean spirits that called customers names and said that they didn’t like them. To end the night we tried table tipping. The table began moving from side to side, vibrating and turning around if it’s own accord.

On the whole, this was a very active night. We had a great group of people that joined in and made the night as enjoyable as it was.

Thank you for all taking part.
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