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Little Theatre Review

13th December 2019 Uncategorised 0

✴️ Janes fab group ✴️
What a lovely little Theatre. First and foremost thank you to my group, friendly, fun and brought bags of energy. We started off in the Auditorium with a quick welcome chat and an opening prayer. After splitting into our small groups I decided to start there with my group. We sat in the theatre seats with a grid pen focused on the stage. We had dark spots appear as if someone was stood on the stage and an unexplained white mist crossed the stage left to right which amazed us all. We had strange noises from back stage and from the left of the seating area where a motion light kept going on, there was no one(alive) was near it. We decided to stay in the Auditorium as it was giving great results. I split the group, some did Ouija board and some did table tipping with excellent results. Our guests on the board had minimal movement at first but then had a young lad of 17 who stated he was probably related to one of the guests on the board, but lived in the general area, he gave the name Robert Dobson and claimed he died in 1845, his father was called Alec. The table was very active and was pushed over a few times. The PSB11 box(MI5, BBC, FBI box, my guests will understand😂) had names through and was quite talkative.After our break, where our guest loaded up on sandwiches, chocolate and hot drinks we went to another part of the theatre where we had a nurse called Sofia come through using human pendulum. She died of TB quite young after contracting it from a soldier in the hospital she worked at, that was in the 18 hundreds. Things got a bit sinister after that with the PSB11 box and a YES NO board. We had Sylvia( look at the history, she formed the Theatre with her 2 sisters) she was happy to talk and loved how the Theatre was still in use.A man,gave his name as Steve appeared frequently and called a guest nasty names and wouldn’t leave. Then an older nasty presence appeared who wanted us out! Steve stayed with us the rest of the night, even when we went upstairs to do some scrying, which unnerved some guests as results were quite scarey. We then joined the other group for some final table tipping and anything our guests would like to try. We ended with a quick chat to compare notes and a closing prayer. All in all a successful night and we will definitely return to The Little Theatre Gateshead.Thank you again to my team, who had lots of energy. If I have forgotten something please add in comments below.👻👻
✴️ Heathers Group ✴️
A very active night! Starting under the stage, not much happend for us there but it certainly set the tone for the building and its variety of rooms! We moved on to the stair case where one of the sister’s dresses was placed on a manniquin. We had some great responses come through on the portal including being sworn at and called a c*nt.
Temperature changes occurred open us touching the dress, we tried to debunk the cold draft but could not find a significant source.
Moving onto a room downstairs we tried the human pendulum. We had a man come through who had passed away there, but claimed not to be connected to the theatre or the RAF. However this spirit made one of members feel quite uneasy and had to leave the room.
Moving on after our break we went to the auditorium. We put on the portal but no particular messages came through that were significant for the group but it did seem to want to communicate with two members of the group when it seemed to be shouting not several times and shouted a name that one of the guests was known as when they were younger. The portal said for this person to go to the back of the room which they did and they had a temperature drop if 8 degrees beside him and he could feel the presence of someone near him. My group wanted to split up a little to try a few different things, a few went stayed in the auditorium and continued work with the portal and grid pens.
The others went back under the stage and tried mirror scrying they each had a different experience when scrying.
When the group returned we went onto the quija board. We had man come through called Edward initials EH, he was 28 and an actor. However when asked if he intended to harm us he replied yes, we closed the board.
Moving on we did table tipping and lifting both were very effective and the group had a great laugh while doing this. We tried the quija one more time we had someone called Duncan come through, who claimed to be a child aged 3, we did not really believe that, when asked if they had a message it replied Die, we closed the board.
A weird and fun night with some fantastic activity, it may be a little theatre but it certainly has a lot of personality!

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