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Majestic Theatre Review

31st January 2020 Uncategorised 0
Human Pendulum

✴️Janes Group✴️
Firstly I would like to thank everyone for coming to the Majestic with bags of energy ready for the night. After a brief talk on how the night would go and any safety aspects by Heather and I, Derek kindly read the protection prayer and we split into our two groups. My group started in the bar area with a bit of calling out, not much happened there but we did hear a very odd scratching sound which couldn’t be explained. We moved to the Auditorium and stage of this beautiful building. We tried calling out and some noises were heard. We tried the Ouija board again nothing. Derek took some of the group to the left area of back stage where they got plenty K2 action so we joined them with the board. Once there we all heard a ladies voice so clear and incredibly well spoken, we couldn’t understand what she said but I flew out to see who was there, the other group were nowhere to be seen and Auditorium was empty.. wow. The board was active but not much sense then some of my guests smelled Lager, this led to us doing a human pendulum on the stage where one of out guests had a very personal experience which she could relate to. That amazed us all, we spent a couple of minutes discussing this then went for a well earned break and something to eat from our lovely buffet.As our break was nearly over I took a guest to do a lone vigil as requested by her friend, after 20 brave minutes in a dark area on her own she rejoined us only experiencing a strange noise.We then moved to different areas of theatre with little action, the PSB 11 produced the word “fire” in an area where there was a fire in the theatre and in the dressing area we did some scrying with some success. Again a guest had a personal experience in the dressing area and we all heard someone whistling very quietly.All in all it was a quiet night but what activity we had was relevant to the Majestic. Its definitely worth a second visit. Thank you again to my group, you were all fabulous 👻👻
✴️Heathers Group✴️
A new location! I have always liked this building with its beautiful stain glass windows. While it was a quiet night for us, it was nice to explore the building. Not having much coming through on the portal we tried a bit of human pendulum, we had a gentleman in visitation come through, he did seem to want to say much though.
After our break we moved into the auditorium, again opening with human pendulum we had a spirit come through with a message for one of the guest. I took a few of our member to the back changing rooms and tried some mirror scrying, each person that tried it had something happen for them and found the experience quite interesting. Derek and Lee then took the group into one of the back hallways using the portal and managed to capture some EVP’s.
To end the night all groups came together taking turns trying the Ouija and table tipping, both seemed to have energy come through and enjoyed the communication.

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