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Manor House Hotel

27th September 2019 Uncategorised 0
Guest communicating with one of our spirit portals

Janes review – The Manor Hotel in Ferryhill. 14.9.19

My group started the night in Rm 8, which had been active earlier before our guests arrived. We heard knocks and bangs and the motion detector, put on floor near door, lit up a couple of times. Some of our guests felt cold spots especially round their legs,which we think were children, we tried with an Ouija board but no movement. We moved to room 7, again a few knocks but 2 loud bangs, that we couldn’t explain, were heardĀ coming from the cupboard/wardrobe in corner. The motion detector did activate again, placed in corner of room. We moved to room 6 where we tried the SB 11 box with the names Pete and Arthur coming thru, they were confirmed as previous landlords but still living, whether they knew them or not we’ll never know. We then tried scrying with great success. Our first guest, who had never been on a ‘ghost hunt’ before, who tried scrying watched his face turn to an older gentleman with hair and sideburns and a much narrower face, we could all see it, much to everyone’s amazement. A second guest sat infront of the mirror, which is what scrying is… sitting infront of a mirror with minimal lighting and staring into the mirror without blinking if possible, spirit then are able to imprint their features onto that person’s face.
Again we had success with a much younger gentleman come through, with round glasses and a cheerful face, I got feeling he had something to do with Law and court. He was so happy he’d been able to do this. A few guests went into another room with Mel and using the portal, the words devil, Lucifer and Chris were coming through repeatedly.
We then had a break and afterwards we were able to get into the bar. Table tipping was extremely successful here as we had 2 tables moving at the same time, much to the amazement of most of the team, some had never seen table tipping before. We then joined the other team in the room where the Portal was working, some trying Ouija board which had to be ended as there was an evil gentleman again, probably the same one that came through when scrying, he wasn’t very nice.
All in all it was a fabulous night in a very active place. I would like to thank my group for being very positive and bringing lots of energy to everything we did. I’m sure I’ve forgotten things. JaneĀ 👻👻

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