Mary Queen of Scotts House – Investiation

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Mary Queen of Scotts House – Investiation

29th February 2020 Uncategorised 0

Mary Queen of Scotts House Jedburgh Investigation 22nd Feb 2020
After we all met up in the Banqueting Hall to welcome all our guest,s we talked through Health and Safety for the evening. We then discussed all the equipment that was going to be used during the night. An opening prayer with everyone involved was read for protection.
Almost straight away several guests experienced a strong smell of lavender within the group, everyone actually started smelling each other to debunk perfume or deodorant!! None of us were wearing anything resembling lavender.Rouges Gallery – Beautiful room with lovely paintings and artefacts.
We decided to go back to basics and call out holding hands in a circle.
There was several reports of the scent of lavender but also a very different, strong potent smell which was quite horrible. One of our guest reported seeing a large black cat walk right through the middle of the circle. The same guest repeatedly spoke about a feeling of rubbing against the bottom of her legs throughout the night as though the cat was moving around her.
We decided to use the portal and an 8 year old girl came through but not much more to tell.
Marys Bedroom – We decided, again, to go back to basics and conduct a séance, all of us in a circle holding hands .( Not in complete darkness as its always good to see everyone involved.)The bedroom door opened and a strong potent smell came through and 3 seconds later a really loud bang was heard on the wall hanged radiator. It was as though it had been kicked or punched by a fist. This was just after 2 of our guests (who were Scottish and Forces Personnel ) called out. As you can imagine we all got a fright but surprisingly we all kept hold of each others hands and just shifted 5 foot in a split second! No kidding!!! None of us could explain this and the stench was so bad we felt we needed to leave.
We decided to try the YES – NO Board. Some activity but not much to report but quite an eerie room and we should definitely investigate this room further.
K2 not much activity whilst calling out and did not give any response to our questions. Lots of cold spots and guests reported lots of movement and noises bottom right hand side of the room. We decided to try the Grid pen. I have never seen so much interaction during an investigation with this piece of equipment!! The lights dimmed and lit up on demand, turned off on demand then turned on. I checked the equipment to confirm it was not faulty and it had new batteries in. None of us can explain this.
At around this time, I personally experienced 2 strong tugs on my hoodie around waist level with a cold blast around the same area. No one beside me..bizarre!!!
We moved onto the Ouija board. The name Bek was spelt out, 8 years old. Then went very quiet.
Table tipping is always a great favourite and especially with our regulars. So we decided as activity was good we would give it a go. Unfortunately, as you will see in our live feed our lovely Jane who was not working and literally was there just as a guest was affected really quite severely, she came off the table and spent some time away from the room, as she was very upset. She returned and called out for an apology. Go Jane!
Alan who was one of our guests volunteered to participate in an experiment in the rear of this room to participate in the Human Pendulum. A male came through who is apparently not connected to the building. Whilst doing this activity there was several growls from there were several grows from the adjoining room which unnerved some of our guests. One of our guests, feeling brave, wanted to sit on her own with the EVP recording equipment we have. She called out and asked for the name of the spirit or spirits with us. She started to feel really uneasy and decided to return to the group so we immediately played back the recording. Well, what can I say apart from OMG! (Listen to it on the page.- see video’s of EVP). A class A EVP was recorded saying BEN as captured and this was witnessed by all in the group and is evidence that it is genuine EVP. This wasn’t heard at the time of recording.We then went onto do another recording with the whole group and our lovely Jane called out and if you listen to the play back you will clearly hear another Class A EVP say, ‘we’re sorry’. None of us have ever heard anything so clearly on EVP that we cant debunk!!! We carried on calling out. Asking responses through tapping and got some brilliant responses.Mel said she would like to carry out a transfiguration experiment.
Almost immediately Mels hair line was brought back across her head, although her mouth and eyes were closed she looked horrendous! Her mouth seemed to be open with a tongue poking out and horrible broken teeth. Her eyes looked open but were red! We all witnessed this and some of our guests were quite taken back by what they were witnessing. The bridge of her nose turned black and area around her eyes appeared black. The image didn’t look human at all!Overall, no words can explain what happened as no explanation to debunk many aspects of the investigation and it truly is a night to remember and one we doubt will be repeated on the scale at other venues.
We closed the night with a prayer and truly enjoyed our evening here at this fab location, thank you all and hope to see you all again soon.
Thank you so much to the most amazing interactive guests who brought so much energy and enthusiasm on the night, Also Kindred Spirit Investigations and I’m so looking forward to investigating here again looking forward to the next visit to this location

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