NELSAM Review – 16.11.19

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NELSAM Review – 16.11.19

20th November 2019 Uncategorised 0

✴️✴️NELSAM REVIEW 16.11.19✴️✴️

👻✴️Carls group✴️👻

First of all thank you very much to my group you were fun, energetic and really got involved.

We started off in the main hanger and received objects thrown, people touched, taps and bangs and names through the portal.

We then took a short break of warm soup and bread.

We then spent the remainder of the evening in the buses and tram hanger. We received incredible responses through the spirit box, with personal names and the spirit that didn’t want us there.
Along with some incredible responses through the Mel meter. In conjunction with this several guests were brave enough to carry out lone vigils. To which they experienced paranormal activity.

The end of the evening was spent with the guests exploring the location alone and again experiencing paranormal activity.
Again a huge thanks to the guests of the group of 10 and I hope to see you all again soon.

👻✴️Jane’s Team ✴️👻

Firstly thank you to all my team, how fab were you! All joined in and brought lots of energy. We started with the group prayer in the main hanger and then split into smaller teams with my team starting the night in the hanger with trams in. We had a few shuffling footsteps and noises while we had a wander round. We then did a human pendulum with one guest in the middle who felt odd but wasn’t getting any strong activity with him so I swapped guests. We had yes and no indication but no positive answers. The table tipping was quite active but nothing on the Ouija board, something was thrown at us which we couldn’t explain. We then moved to the main hanger where orbs were caught on video and infront of the display for Sargent Shaw our table tipping was great, we all split up and did different activities. A warm up break was then called for and my group enjoyed soup and sandwiches, chocolate and fruit were available too, chocolate is always a must for me😁. We then moved to our final locations in the fire engine hanger( nearest to shop) we talked to a man called Stefan, who worked the land before the hangers were there, unusually he was quite pleasant as he is known to be nasty, on the Ouija board. One guest used the PSB11 and kept getting the name Michael. We moved to the tank hanger where American GIs are known to be and sure enough as soon as I played some Glen Miller the table started jiving which made us all laugh! We then used the Ouija board and spoke to a coloured GI who said he was shot for desertion. The same guest on the PSB11 box had a gentleman thru called Steve Bishop who was in the 9th Armoured, he wouldn’t give his rank but he was a tank driver, this was after our guest was told to ‘F…. Off’ after being asked if he was American, the PSB11 box works by sweeping thru radio waves and as swearing is not allowed on radio we were amused by this response. Sadly it was time to wrap up our night with a closing down prayer and a quick chat with the full group to see what happened thru everyone’s night. Thank you again to my team, fab work and hope you had a safe journey home. P.s. if I’ve forgotten something please add comments below and any interesting photos please let us see them too. 👻👻

👻✴️Heathers Review✴️👻

We started the night in the fire truck hanger, the group had a good look around the place, using the portal first, not much came through. We tried the human pendulum a man came through, however they did not seem to want to give much information about themselves. Letting the group go around the hanger they used the ovulus and the Mel meter but nothing seemed to be picked up.

Moving on to the tank hanger the group felt like there was a heaviness to the air and that someone watching them. Derek took over for a while using the psb-11 still not much came through he moved onto trying recording an EVP, he captured a very distinct laugh as a reply to a question the group tried to debunk but found no other source for the noise.

After our break we went to the helicopter hanger. Again the group had a good look around, everyone was very intrigued by the apache helicopter so we used the portal. We had a few responses come through nothing consistent though.

Moving on to the main hanger we tried using the quija nothing came through. So we tried table tipping Tracy led this section and successfully was able to have the table tipped and slowly put back down.

A quiet night for our group but still very enjoyable and a great location to just have a look around!