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Kindred Spirit Investigations

Yarm Fellowship Hall

Jonathan and Mel will be investigating Yarm Fellowship Hall this evening with our guests this evening. We will be posting the reviews on Facebook and from now on we will also include them on our blog too. Lets hope the spirits come out to play.  

8th April 2022 0


Who would like to investigate Mill Street Barracks? Such a great location. Tickets will be available for 2022. If you are interested in tickets leave a comment and we message you when the events come online.

6th July 2021 0

Charltons Village Hall – Janes Review 19th June 2021

First of all thank you to my lovely group for working hard to build energy and getting things going. We started off in the main hall where we did a bit of calling out, introducing ourselves and getting a feeling of the building. We had a few noises we couldn’t explain so we moved to…
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20th June 2021 0

Blyth Gun Battery

Kindred Spirit Investigations visited Blyth Gun Battery today – what an amazing location! The volunteers there have extensive knowledge of the history of the battery and are lovely people to chat to too. A date for an investigation is to be secured in the near future. Look out on our Events page for investigation information…
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13th July 2019 2