The Green Inn – Review Dereks Group

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The Green Inn – Review Dereks Group

14th March 2020 Uncategorised 0

Can I firstly say a massive thank you to my group that attended the Green Inn public house. We started with both groups together in the main bar area before splitting up to do some calling out. We had a few guests feeling chills and the temperature plummeted from 17.8 down to 14.0 we also had some interaction with the light up cat ball toys flashing on and off. We then split up into groups. My group started off in the main bar area we did some calling out and it was very quiet at first and then we moved on to using the spirit portal. We had the names Harry and Charles come through but really not much response. We then tried using the planchette for some automatic writing, the pen did try to move a bit but not a great deal so we moved on to trying the Ouija Board where we didn’t have any responses. Main corridor area – We did some calling out and had few responses with the cat toys flashing one of my guests. TJ went into a store room and did a lone vigil where he reported that he felt as if someone was shuffling around in there and also a mop had moved on it’s own accord (that had been leaning up against a shelf ) . TJ was nowhere near the mop. He also felt chills and if someone was touched him. Anita decided to go into store room next and she also felt as if someone was in there with her and moving around and touching her. We then moved into the small lounge next to main bar area we did some calling out and set up the grid lazer pen. The responses at first were very slow, I then set up the doll as a trigger object and we played some Irish folk music off a phone as there has been reports of Irish music been heard by a lot of people in this area. We got responses from the grid lazer pen lights dimming when music was played in response to the music. We then took a break for a lovely buffet and got drinks supplied by Mel. After group then moved onto the cellar where we did some calling out and we used the PSB 11 spirit box. We got the name David twice coming through and been spoken and we felt unwanted down in the cellar and uneasy a few of the guests felt as if they were been touched there on their hands and having their hair touched. We also heard as if someone was shuffling around in there and a feeling of being watched. We then moved on back up from cellar to a small storage room and decided to try the Ouija board. We had a male presence come through and asked him to spell out his name which we got David coming through again. This was very interesting as we had David twice down in the cellar. Apparently David did not wish to communicate with us and we asked him if he meant us harm which he took the glass to yes so I made the decision to close down the Ouija Board as we did not wish to communicate with him. After speaking to Craig the current landlord of the Green Inn, he told us that David was a ex landlord of the pub who had past over and he reportedly wasn’t a very friendly or nice person in life so. We tried the Ouija Board once again and the atmosphere changed to being more calm and friendly. We got a response of a female coming through to talk to us who is connected to some of my guests (as a loved one and a friend). Some guests had very personal messages that made it a very emotional experience for all of us as Mandy, Kim, and kelvin and TJ asked only questions that they knew their past loved one knew so we could make sure we were talking to the right spirit and every question they asked, all responses were correct for example names and ages and dates also colour of front doors and house numbers and a colour of a guests car. We were truly blown away by this experience and it was also Mandy’s first ever investigation and for her and her friends and other members of my group, this was very emotional and personal. The Ouija Board went quiet after that and this loving spirit moved on after chatting to us. We then tried to attain an EVP recording a few times with no responses on play back. We then moved back into the main bar area where we all joined in as one big group with Lee’s guests to end the evening off with some table tipping and we had great responses to the table rocking and spinning also tipping onto two legs (please see the video posted onto page). We then closed off the evening with a briefing of the evenings events and rounded off with the closing prayer. I would like to thank all of my group for a great evening you were all an amazing friendly group and really all got stuck in and bought loads of energy to the group with you and I look forward to seeing you all again at some future events. Many thanks Derek 👻👻👻

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