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The Village Review

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The Village Review- 19th October 2019

The Village was an unknown venue to Kindred Spirit Investigations and it didn’t disappoint!

We began the night as whole group in area one. We asked out and tried to encourage activity but our group were too eager and there was too much noise contamination to deter if we had any activity so we decided to split the groups and go into separate areas.
My group started in area two which is said to be the most active area of all. We started by calling out and asking for bangs and taps and got no response. We all had a look around to see where we wanted to start the investigation. After a few minutes most of our group were drawn to a specific
Area at the back of the building. We all sat in the area and did some calling out. We asked for bangs and taps and initially got nothing. We started a spirit box session using the psb-11. We got the name of Roger that said hello to us. We didn’t think that the spirit was really called Roger and felt that the spirit was more of a joker. He told us that he didn’t want us there and told us several times that he we should ‘get out’. Next we tried the grid pen and we had flickers reacting and answering to questions that we were asking.
Later we tried a scrying session and had some very good results. We had people’s faces changing into different images, a man with sideburns, a monk and a lady. Later Lee identifies that man that we could see as Mr Merryweather, the former owner of the building and monks were burned to death in that part of the buildings. At this time also a customer got the name Bill continuously in her head- this was later revealed to be My Merryweather himself. Also whilst scrying, I noticed a face looking at me through the mirror. It wasn’t the lady scrying but someone one the other side of them. I looked more closely to see who that was as I didn’t recognise the person as a person in my group. I looked around more closely and couldn’t see them and moved closer to see that it was a child looking at me. As I mentioned what I saw three other members of the group also said they had seen this including the lady that was scrying.
In area one we started with the temperature gun asking for the temperature to be brought down. It did go down a degree but nothing significant. Cold droughts couldn’t be felt around the group and a presence was making itself known. Part of the group wanted to try the ouija board whilst the others did an SLS session. The ouija board group got a lot of activity and spoke to Mr Merryweather although I was not there to witness a lot of this as I did the SLS. The sls camera gave us some amazing evidence. We were walking through area one, which used to be a nightclub and the sls camera identified a stick figure that was responding to our requests, putting hands up and legs up on demand. We realised he looked like a singer and asked if he was in a band. In a few minutes what looked like a drummer appeared. You could actually see the arms moving as if drum were being played. Also momentarily two other members of the group appeared but they did not last long and were gone as quick as they came. This was caught on camera.
We then regrouped and did a human pendulum. We had a few spirits come through and one of our members was being pushed whilst in room. Again this was Mr Merryweather. We also put the spirit portal on but the voice coming through frightened some of the members as they didn’t want to listen to the spirit any longer as as members of the group were getting pushed and becoming faint we decided to call this a night as we didn’t want any injuries.
We had a fantastic night at The Village, it certainly was well worth the visit. I know I’ve forgotten a lot of the information but this is because I was not too well on the night. Please feel free to add any information, photos of the night etc.
Thanks for being a wonderful group- we look forward to visiting in October 2020.