Tony’s Group Review – Lazenby Village Hall

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Tony’s Group Review – Lazenby Village Hall

5th June 2022 Uncategorised 0

👻👻Tony’s review Lazenby Village Hall 👻👻

Human Pendulum

So we started off the night in one of the rooms upstairs where the group did a human pendulum a couple of members of the group said that they could feel as if they where being pushed forwards and backwards and one member of the group said that she felt like she was being pulled by her jumper when asking the spirit to confirm signs for communication. We were also experiencing sounds of banging and tapping coming from the bottom right hand corner of the room whilst doing the human pendulum when the group where asking questions it was felt that a child spirit was having abit of fun with members of the group.

Ouija Board.

We moved on to have a ouija board session, it appeared to be quiet to begin with, some members of the group experienced the planchette pointing to numbers and letters on the board rather than moving across the boards as usual. PSB-11/ EV.  Whilst using the PSB-11 we found that we where getting better responses from male members of the group, we experienced the numbers 3,6 and 12 where coming through quite clearly and often. Someone said that they would like to try using an EVP recorder to which we heard a few taps in response to the questions that we asked.

Table Tipping

After the break we moved location to the main hall down stairs, we had some really good table tipping activity where the table was spinning around the room and taking members across the hall when asking the spirits to take the table to different parts of the room.


We used the portal as another method of communication where the group experienced the portal named one of the member by her name when she asked if the spirits could say her name, another member of the group experienced a spirit calling him a name when he was calling out to the spirits.

Cat Balls and Grid Pen

Members of the group experienced that when we were doing a ouija board, that when asking questions we where getting responses by the cat balls flashing rather than responses on the board we asked if the spirits could change the pattern on the wall or drain the battery from the devises to which the spirit preferred to communicate by making the cat balls flash some more to questions coming from the other members of the group I would like the thank members of my group for taking part in the investigation and if you have any photos of the investigation that you would like the share then please feel free to do so. I hope you all had a great night and am looking forward to seeing you all back soon. Tony 👻👻