Vane Tempest Review 23.11.19

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Vane Tempest Review 23.11.19

13th December 2019 Uncategorised 0

✴️Mel’s Group✴️
After starting all together and getting K2 action in one side of the hall we decided to go into the opposite side of the Hall. We placed the grid pen onto a table and the beams began to brighten, flicker and dim in response to our questions. We placed the Boo Bear into the lights and although it was sat up for a prolonged period of time fell when I asked a child if it wanted to take hold of the toy. Customers reported seeing shadows go past the windows and parts of the hall and a very loud scream which seemed to come outside of the hall was heard. Upon looking for the lady that screamed we could not see anyone outside but the hall does back on to a housing estate.
We had an intelligent conversation on the spirit box with a soldier we did have a name but for the life of me I cannot remember it (please write it in the comments). We got the response that the spirit had been. In an exploit one, that he wore a khaki uniform and that he had been court marshalled for absconding from the army. We also were told to look on the second shelf and a name of a billing ham cane through. When we looked on the second shelf in the hall there was a book written but the author Billingham and the book was called something like The Bones Beneath or something similar. The name Jesus was mentioned a few times on the spirit box also.
After buffet we went to the other part of the Hall. It was slow to start in this room but we thought we could see the shadow of a child in the doorway and on the wall. We debunked the shadow on the wall. Our group split to do the ouija board and others did mirror scrying both got great results. Overall the night was very active for our group but that was largely due to every member of the group taking part and contributing to the night- thank you for being so friendly and enthusiastic.
✴️Carl’s group.✴️
First of all huge thank you to my group. Absolutely fantastic, involved and brave. Started of in the main hall, where we experienced MEL activity with intelligent responses. Along with spirit box and evps. Again the group got involved and we contacted negative energy’s and also a female. Enough activity with the help of the group being so positive we had a quick break.
After the break we used the portal and contacted spirits warning us against the graveyard and also clowns!
The brave group we were we ventured through the mud and rain and all visited the graveyard.
Shadows were seen along with fresh mud writing on graves.
After this the group explored the venue alone for the last part of the evening.
Overall an interesting and spooky night 👻
Thanks to my group you were fab and I hope to see you again.
Carl 👻👹
⚠️ we were informed that someone may have been moving the ouija board on this night and therefore not all responses can’t be relied upon during this event. The KSI team will be following this up as faking is against KSI rules. Mel

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