Victoria Tunnels Review 12.10.19

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Victoria Tunnels Review 12.10.19

13th October 2019 Uncategorised 0

👻Victoria Tunnels Review 12.10.19👻

Mel and Heathers Group- keep scrolling and reading.

✴️Mel’s Group 👻👻

Our group worked started by standing still and putting the lights out in the tunnels to see what we could hear naturally. There was no sounds initially but after shouting out for a little bit we began to hear what sounded a little like a heartbeat and a crunching and rustling noise. We heard taps and bangs from the ends of the tunnels beyond the blast walls. Footsteps were heard and the smell of medicine could be smelt every now and again. A few members of the group heard groans and chatter coming from down the tunnel which wasn’t anyone else as the other group were on a break at this point.

After taking a few pictures in succession we caught a light anomaly that could not be explained. As others started to take photos of the same area I heard footsteps walking behind me and as guests were taking photos they noticed several orbs that were moving around and behind me. The temperature dropped and then the activity died.

We moved along to another part of the tunnel where we tried a psb-11 session and only received one answer to a questions, confirming that there were three spirits in the tunnel with us. We tried a ouija board that took a while to get going but we got through the spirit of Ethel, a child spirit and a Heather. Heather told us that she was 37 when she died.

We moved along to another part of the tunnel where we started to hear bangs and taps that were quite loud down the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately we were not getting any intelligent responses.

We moved to a different section of the tunnels and did a psb-11 spirit box session. We heard a very loud bang in the tunnels behind us. I asked how many spirits were around us and I got the answer 2. I asked who made the noise and I a name came through that said Sean or Shaun. Throughout the session this name was said clearly three times but others thought that they heard it more. We also were told to Stop two or three times and we felt like the spirit Sean wanted us to leave.

A short, but active session for our group in the tunnels. No k2 activity or any other activity to report but using our own senses we did pick up activity.

✴️Heathers Group 👻👻

A pretty quiet night for our team… Using a variety of equipment Mel meter, k2 and grid pen. We slowly made our way to the end of the tunnels, where we able to ask for some communication and we all heard two rather loud thuds in response to what we asked. Upon return from our break we tried some mirror scrying, Shaun seemed to be the only one affected, his face appeared to get much older this was unanimously agreed. Moving on we caught up with the other team and witnessed their quija experience. My team then decided to break into smaller groups. I went with the group of 4 ladies who had brought their own quija board. It seemed to take a little while but they had a “boy” come through aged “5” who said “fuck” and “get out”… After this Terri, and James our tour guide tried quija in the same place we knew there was activity earlier for the other group I knew that my name Heather had come through on the board, however there was also another lady by the same on the investigation that night and thought nothing of it. A woman came through named rose, who claimed to have passed away by illness in 1829. She had a message for one of us, as the leader I was not taking part in quija but was holding the board in place, the planchett moved strongly to the tip of my fingers. We asked what the message was it started to spell AZ….. I asked them to close board….on our previous investigation we had someone called Rose come through and we had the name Azizel come through, for those don’t know Azizel is a demonic name, any name like this we would advice that you close the board….an interesting night with some truly amazing North east history worth a visit just for that!

Thanks to all who attended the night. Great contributions from the guest all taking part and asking out. We look forward to meeting you alll again in the future.

Mel and Heather 👻👻😜