When are we planning on reopening?

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When are we planning on reopening?

9th June 2020 Uncategorised 0

As the Government are releasing the Lockdown measures, we have had customers querying when we will be opening our doors again for investigations.

How has the Coronavirus Impacted Investigations?

The Coronavirus has led to unprecedented times and measures to ensure the safety of the communities across the world. Our customers safety and well being is paramount. Kindred Spirit Investigations endeavours to always put the safety of our customers and staff at the forefront of all of our investigations/workshops. In light of the nature of the virus, we will be implementing social distancing measures and hygiene practices that will significantly reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. Changes to the way investigations are ran in terms of handling equipment, safe distancing between participants, catering and personal hygiene practices will be in place. As the social restrictions are relaxed we will continue to follow the Government guidelines but will employ methods we feel are necessary to ensure your safety of customers and staff.

When will we be re-opening for investigations?

We are planning to reopen in September and will be cancelling all events in July. We are taking the time to train staff with new measures and techniques ready for our busy events schedule from September onwards.

Can we still book events?

You can book events online via this website, Facebook or Eventbrite at any time. Kindred Spirit Investigations will also guarantee that any event that is cancelled as a result of Covid-19 will result in customers receiving a choice of full refund, change in date of venue or change to another investigation with our team.