Yarm Fellowship Review – Heathers Group

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Yarm Fellowship Review – Heathers Group

25th January 2020 Uncategorised 0

👻👻REVIEW of Yarm Fellowship Hall👻👻

Heathers Group
A quieter night for us. We all started in the back room, using temperature guns we requested a temperature change, starting around 12 we were able to get the temp down to 10. One our guest brought a piece of equipment that lights up with different colours, almost like a giant K2, this was lightning up in the area in which we had the temp gun pointed to it was very interesting to see this keep going off.

The portal was then used, this had a Childs voice come through quite a lot throughout the night which is unusual for us, we don’t get a child come through very often.

Moving onto the Ouija board, we had a girl come through who only seemed to like to communicate via going to yes, her father then came through very briefly but it seemed to go quiet.

We decided to try some table tipping and lifting, while tipping did not work, lifting did, which was fantastic.

We moved back onto the portal again it was a mix of responses including the girl who identified herself as Suzie.

After our break we went upstairs, using a Yes, No and glass we had some communication come through from what we believe was the minister, again he seemed very restricted in what he wanted to say. But almost seemed to have a sense of humour with the group.

Mirror scrying was a success, everyone who tried seemed to see a change in their face! Moving back down stairs we tried again with the portal but seemed to be quiet again. To end the night we did human pendulum with a few different people, we seemed to get a response from the minister again, which was quite an honest session to say the least.

Overall yes a quiet night but everyone had a good time!