Yarm Fellowship Review – Mel’s Group

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Yarm Fellowship Review – Mel’s Group

25th January 2020 Uncategorised 0


It was a slow start and very quiet night at Yarm. We all started in the main back hall. We started to call out and didn’t really have any responses that could be classed as paranormal. After a while, a few customers heard a female child giggle and could feel cold draughts around their legs.

A customer had brought their own equipment and their static detector kept going off. At the same
time another customer was experiencing a cold draught around her legs. We placed the thermometer on one spot near the lady and asked the spirit to lower the temperature further. It went down in total by three degrees in the space of about 5-10 mins.

Shortly after that we went on the spirit portal which said the name Craig. Craig was a gentleman in our group. He tried to communicate with the spirit but with very little response. We had another customers name mentioned several times (Sam) and Sam had a fairly intelligent conversation with the spirit. My name (Mel) also came through portal and the spirit told me to ‘shut up’.

We then went up stairs and did some mirror scrying. We had several people that a man came through. The man had a beard, black eyes, moustache and sideburns. Some people’s faces changed to varying degrees but no one had a clear complete change in image.
Another customer scrying had a lady come through that was very annoyed and she began to cry because she felt very angry and tremendously sad.

We broke for break.

After break we went into the back room again but activity was slow to get with a few bangs and taps but nothing significant. We tried table tipping but this would not respond and then my group split into two, one did the ouija board and the other went back on the portal. The group on the portal and the ouija board group both had conversations with a priest that would have visited the church frequently.

As activity was quiet we decided to have a cup of tea to heat up and then did a little bit of table tipping, which again did not respond and then we attempted to do a human pendulum before home time. Overall this venue was extremely quiet and unfortunately activity was minimal. However, we had an amazing group of people working alongside us all night. We thank you all for choosing Kindred Spirit Investigations and hope that the inactivity didn’t put you off too much 👻👻👻👻